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Adam Hills: Characterful - One4Review

Three times Perrier Award nominated Aussie Adam Hills was a noted absentee from Fringe 2005 and he was badly missed, although in truth it stopped a domestic as to who would get the review ticket. His return this year in his show entitled Characterful however re-ignited the debate, and for once I won. I only hoped Adam’s show would make up for the agro. I have to say I was not disappointed. From his entrance Adam was in control, almost. Having said that the comedy gods must have been smiling on Adam, he had an audience to die for, stalkers, Aussies, Canadians, a once couple who were now friends, and he tried to get them back together, even a Geordie who was at a particular gig he was talking about. These aside his set was his normal excellence, and I hadn’t realised he was so good at accents, even impersonations, close your eyes and you’d think Tony Blair for instance was on stage!! The best bit for me was that an early gag on American Advertising ended with the rider, ‘Actual Results May Vary’, a quote that was applied at various fitting places throughout his set. This would be totally unsuitable in the description of this extravaganza, because with this comic genius the actual results will be consistent. An excellent hour of top class entertainment. ***** ( only because I can’t award six)

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