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Below the Fringe - One4Review

An amusing and quirky video intro gives the audience some idea of what they can expect from the performers in Below the Fringe – well thought out, clever comedy. Below the Fringe takes the form of short sketches performed fairly well by the 5 young performers.  They probably need to do a bit of work in making it look a bit more professional – the transitions between sketches were anything but slick and the sound in the video clips wasn’t all that clear.  However, what really saved this show and made it a pleasure to watch was the quality of the material which credited the audience with the intelligence to pull the laughs from it.  Deconstructions of breakfast radio and Harry Potter were particularly well-pitched and highlighted the particular strengths of these performers.  The ‘chats’ between  Rory and Charlie were reminiscent of work by Mitchell and Webb, a very favourable comparison in my eyes.  Furthermore, all of the sketches worked and were particularly well pulled together in the show’s conclusion. Definitely one for those of you who want something a little different from the wham, bam, punchline school of sketch shows. ****

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