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Markus Birdman: Love, Life and Death - One4Review

3 Star


Markus Birdman has been around the comedy scene for a long time now and he states at the top he is getting old. Hmmmm. He suffered a stroke and turned 40 in quick succession a couple of years ago, fortunately recovered and the basis of this year’s performance is the aftermath of this trauma.

As a much tattooed atheist who is the son of a vicar, Birdman takes the audience on a journey through his condition, somewhat in a matter of fact style not looking for sympathy.

His relationship, family, tattoos and hypochondria are woven into his set, all delivered in front of a massive hand drawn backdrop that is both spectacular but distracting.

For some reason the Saturday night sell out show were not so responsive to this story and he struggled against the challenge of winning them over although his material deserved more reaction, and he knew it.

I would have liked to see a more supportive crowd, I’m sure it would have added to the show and abetted this hour considerably.  

Reviewed by Geoff

Sand Comedy Club II

Until 26 August

21-20 to 22-20

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