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Aeneas Faversham Returns - One4Review

This four strong sketch group got a lot of critical acclaim last year and they return this year in an effort to build on their success. These extremely well turned out quartet again have a professionally presented hour of material that is historically set rather than up to date but follow the usual route of short sharp sketches with the occasional thread running through some. An excellent opening sketch of a duel between two members of an ancient magic circle had me thinking wow, we are in for a great hour. However most of the material, for me anyway, was not up to the same standard. That is not to say the material was poor, it just wasn’t everybody’s cup of tea, mine included, however they were going down rather better in some areas than I was seated in. One slight point, given the sightlines in their venue, there was a little too much material delivered on the floor, so it would have only been seen by the front row. ***

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