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Bane 3 - One4Review

5 Stars *****

With a thrilling opening to an emotional climax, Joe Bone, brings the final epic conclusion of his action trilogy with brilliance and bravado with his anti hero Bruce Bane.

Setting some kind of record for number of characters in a one man show, it lives up to it’s predecessors and excels in it’s own right.

The world and characters Bone creates are vibrant and detailed, hitting many levels of humour and spellbinding double take moments of realizing it‘s all coming from the same man.

Having escaped an old enemy, Bane leaves the city in search for a quieter life in the town of Sunnyveiw, but the monster inside him is provoked into returning to face his old boss who is still furious for him leaving his organisation, who now threaten to take over the city.

Again, Ben Roe’s brooding guitar gives the story it’s superb and varied soundtrack working in spectacular tandem with Bone’s energetic characterisation.

I wont give away details of the ending, but it left the audience genuinely stunned and eager to show Bone and Roe their appreciation.

Will there be more of Bane in the future? I hope so. A true gem and a highly recommended trilogy.

Reviewed by Andrew Gourlay

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