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The Lad Lit Project - One4Review

Alexander Kelly has devised and presents a riveting one-man performance examining the personality of the modern British male. He is an engaging raconteur who can be witty, moving and disturbing. He opens with a straightforward physical self description, but this reveals little of his male persona. He recounts incidents and experiences not only personal but also drawn from real males from 14 years of age upwards. He analyses man as a social being with a complex pattern of relationships. Each male will recognise his own personality traits somewhere in the piece, sometimes uncomfortably. Interestingly as a male, it was the females in the audience who very quickly recognised the humour of male imperfections.  Diversions from his main theme, such as the celebration of the social importance of the pub in the British way of life, prevented his presentation from being too heavy. The show is long but he retains the attention of the audience with his skill as a storyteller. A well crafted and absorbing one man show for both sexes to enjoy. ****

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