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Bane 2 - One4Review

4 Stars


Joe Bone is highly adept at solo performance comedy theatre in his parodying of the films of a bygone Hollywood era. As in last year’s production of Bane, the central character is Bruce Bane, a low level gangster and hit man caught up in a gangland feud.

The story opens with Jones, a long time acquaintance of Bane, being threatened by Ivan, Bane’s bitter enemy; shoot down Bane or else.  His murder attempt fails. He is no match for the cool confidence which Bane exudes who coldly maims him when he has been disarmed.  From this point, scene upon scene follows with driving pace as Jones becomes transformed from a weakling into a grotesque monster after being dumped into toxic waste and left for dead by the furious Ivan. Thus, a duel to the death ensues between Bane and a revenge seeking Jones.

Heightening the action and giving atmosphere to the physicality of Bone’s performance is a live music soundtrack from acoustic guitarist Ben Roe. For those who enjoyed Bane last year, Bane 2 will be a further episode to savour. There is the same faultless timing as character after character appears, never mind the implausibility of the story and the corniness of some of the dialogue. Incidentally, Bane is being reprised at GRV – see page 229 in the Fringe Programme.

Reviewed by Ben

Venue; Venue Number – Pleasance Dome; V23

Dates – 4 to 29 August 2010 (not 23)

Times – 20.20 to 21.20

Fringe Programme Page Number: 229



  1. Sarah Lander

    I didn’t know what to expect when I went to see this show which had been recommended to me by a fourteen year old but I absolutely loved it. Joe is a really talented actor and his characterizations were amazing. He has so much energy and vitality. I was utterly engrossed by his performance and was carried along with the story as it unfolded. I nearly got lost during the dream/nightmare scene but managed to hold on until the end. I would recommend eveyone to put this show on their list of must see shows and I would love to have seen Bane One had I stayed in Edinburgh for longer. If Joe tours the country with this play I would definitely go and see it again.

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