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Paras Over The Barras (part 2) The Second Wave - One4Review

Set in the East End of Glasgow during World War II, this comedy is the sequel to last year’s successful production. Written by James Barclay this sequel is every bit as hilarious as Part 1. Two story lines are followed. Firstly, as it is coming up to Hogmanay, extra booze is required. Secondly, since a wedding is in the offing, material for the wedding dress is desperately needed. Due to wartime shortages how these are obtained, one by Glasgow ingenuity and the other literally falling out of the sky, provides great scope for humorous situations and dialogue. The strengths of Leitheatre’s production lie in the pace and professionalism of Alex Purves’ direction, and the stage presence of the dozen or so members of the cast whether it be those playing the lead characters or those playing the supporting roles. Each cast member can skillfully deliver the intended corny gag or the sharp banter. Leitheatre are celebrating their 60th year as an amateur dramatic company. This is their 22nd year appearing in the Fringe. It is not surprising that the quality the company produces results in packed audiences. For this reviewer Leitheatre’s annual Fringe production is now a ‘must see’.                                        ****

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