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The Polly Delux Story – It’s all about me - One4Review

It is not very often you go to see a show and wished you hadn’t but this was the case of ‘The Polly Deluxe Story – It’s All About Me’. Two ladies who came in just as the show started left after just a few minutes, I was already wishing I could have gone with them. The cast do seem to be having a great time and putting 100% to the show, but I felt the material and script were poor and on occasions self-indulgent. Some of the acting was fairly good and given a superior vehicle they could have produced an enjoyable show. There were quite a number of audience members already in the venue despite myself and others having been kept at the bottom of the stairs until the venue staff, were given the shout to open the house. It was therefore hardly surprising that those already in place when we arrived whooping and cheering throughout the show. The Polly Deluxe Story was definitely ‘Something Else’ and that is exactly what I intend to do next time go and see something else! *  

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