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The Regina Monologues - One4Review

As a student I never really got to grips with the wives of Henry VIII. ‘Divorced, beheaded, died, divorced beheaded, survived’ meant absolutely nothing to me.  Unfortunately ‘The Regina Monologues’ presented by Tidemark Theatre wasn’t around when it mattered, I might actually have remembered if it had. Rebecca Russell as Cathy or Catherine of Aragon the first wife. She also happens to have co-written the piece. Sets the scene. Anna Macleod, Annie, Anne Boelin second wife and mother of Elizabeth. Chrystalla Spire, Jane (Seymore) mother of his only son and some say one true love. Katherine Barry, Anna or Anne of Cleves, marriage annulled yet living at court as kings honorary sister. Madison Hughes as Katie, Kathyrn Howard youngest wife only 19 when wed to the 50-year-old king beheaded with her lovers at the tower of London. Finally Tina Swan as Katherine (Parr) Companion and nurse for Henry, reuniting him with his three children. This extremely well written and performed piece held the attention throughout and brought the history right up to date. **** Reviewed by Sheila Kay Jack  

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