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 Last Night a DJ Saved My Life - One4Review

Leaves on the Tracks are performing two plays on alternating days. On ‘odd’ dates, the one I saw, Last Night a DJ saved my Life. The story centres around Adam Carr, played by Hugo Cox, a radio DJ who’s show consists of him phoning random phone boxes and talking to whoever answers. One of the calls he gets Anna, played by Kaitlyn Riordan, a refugee council worker who has problems and feels that she has made a connection with Adam, but has she? Throw into the mix three ‘street-wise’ kids Bennet, Cassy and Kelly, respectively played by James Brough, Helen Elizabeth and Barbara D’Alterio and the main characters are set for the plot to unfold. The piece is well written, staged and directed, especially given the lack of acting space and all actors turn in very creditable performances. I know that there are time constraints on everyone during the Fringe, but the only criticism I can offer was that the play was over far to soon, I feel it could be, if it hasn’t already, be expanded to allow for further character development, but this takes nothing away from what was an excellent new play. **** On even dates, the same company are performing their other piece, Instant Karma, and given the quality of DJ, I am drying to fit this in as well.

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