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Somewhere Over The Westway - One4Review

I thought reading the description in the Fringe programme that the Portobello referred to was the beach resort just outside Edinburgh, even though it states quite clearly, “sold out smash hit in London”. Set on the Portobello Road in London Dee may be heavily pregnant but that doesn’t stop her wanting more. She is addicted to celeb mags Her friends and relatives sing ‘Our Stall in the Middle of the Bro’ to the tune of Madnesses ‘Our House’. Wandering to find the latest auditions for X-factor Dee and Patotto (a potato which has been given features) get hit by a car. Waking in a much brighter place, Somewhere Over the Westway, she meets a Punk Fairy set on causing Anarchy. Traveling to Munchkin Aid to meet the wizard and find her way home, she meets Bling Man, Dave the Rave and Leon the paranoid Trustafarian. By now I had guessed it was a mickey take of “The Wizard of Oz” right down to the inclusion of auntie M. All the best Panto clichés appeared at some point including characters from other stories trying to get some time in this one. I personally thoroughly enjoyed this production it is a little different from most of the other shows on the Fringe and if you are prepared to just sit back and go with the flow you could have a superb laugh as well. **** 

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