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Coffee? - One4Review

James Campbell is probably better known for either his TV appearances or his kids shows, his first venture into adult theatre is the play "Coffee?" An almost empty early morning café, one young attractive business-woman sitting reading a folder and drinking coffee when her mobile rings and we hear that she is early for a presentation. A hunky young man about town walks on stage looks at the woman, goes over and asks if he can join her as there doesn’t appear to be a free table anywhere. The two of them then proceed to fence with words, he attacks, she parries, he reposts, she parries etc. It is fascinating watching these two learning the most intimate secrets about each other, yet not really learning anything at all. Except, perhaps he is allergic to nuts and she likes amaretto biscuits. They order more coffee and whilst awaiting the arrival of their third cups they begin an amorous embrace, which makes the waiter look uncomfortable. Suddenly the man runs off leaving her standing, she shouts a question after him but we hear no reply. Was it the laxative effects of the coffee or the after effects of the previous verbal diarrhea or perhaps the most sinister of all the onset of anaphylaxis? This play just proves James Campbell has grown up and adults can have as much fun with words if not more so as they can be made to work on so many more levels. Starring Misha Crosby, Carrie Marx, Alistair Barrie, Coffee and amaretto biscuits! ****

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