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Up ‘n’ Under: Hull Truck Theatre Company - One4Review


4 Star

It has been 25 years since this John Godber play was first performed at the Edinburgh Fringe, and it is back playing in the Assembly Music Hall.

In between times it has had many hundreds of stagings and even a film has been made of the story.

Set in the world of amateur Rugby League sevens, where the kings of the castle are the Cobblers Arms, who’s wealthy patron is Reg Walsh.  Former player, now painter Arthur Hoyle, is no fan of Walsh’s and in brags that he could train any team to beat Cobblers Arms. The bet is struck and Arthur is forced to try to do this with the Wheatsheaf Arms, and they only have 4 players.

A bet is a bet though so Arthur recruits Hazel a gym owner and the plan begins.

This production is well staged and directed by Godber himself,the story is still good and funny.  I was particularly the game action scenes which were very well choreographed. The six actors, Abi Titmuss, Robert Angell, James Crossley, Eamonn Flemming, William Ilkley and Lewis Linford play all the roles involved with style.

So to find out if Arthur wins his bet and to see a quality performance of a good play by a fine cast Assembly is the place to be.

Reviewed by Geoff


Assembly Music Hall V 3

5 to 30 August

17-25 to 18-55

Fringe Brochure P 301

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