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Involution - One4Review

I must admit that I had missed this piece of theatre in the Fringe brochure but was persuaded by the cast that it was well worth checking out so I decided to go and am glad that I did. In this intriguing play written by Rachel Welch, all the action takes place in Cohen, Ben Murray-Watson’s flat and old friend J, Alfie Talman is coming to stay for a job interview. Cohen’s sister Dorcet, Joanna Miller, and her friend Talulah, Sara Pascoe a Christian spend a lot of time there also. Add to the mix J’s fiancé Violet, Jane Lesley a mysterious government employee and Gemma Samantha Hopkins, a robot sex doll and Cohen’s birthday present and the cast is complete. But what is the fascination with coding? What is wrong with Cohen and Dorcet? Why won’t Talulah take her tablets?  Why is Violet coming on to Cohen? And does robotic Gemma have feelings. The answers to these and more can be discovered by attending this well acted and directed play. The Big Brother, and I don’t mean the TV programme, will get you if you don’t? ****

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