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Not Everything is Significant - One4Review

Ben Moor performs his own one man play in a style that is both gentle and compelling. It is an exquisitely written piece full of weird, absurd and comic illusions. The central character is a writer of biographies who is suffering from writer’s block, and the story intimately reveals his mental highs and lows. In the background is a shadowy, enigmatic figure who footnotes aspects of the writer’s life. By chance, the writer comes across a strange piece of music called the ‘Rogers Creation’. Each individual hearing it has a personal view of what they have heard even down to hearing different instruments. Even more inexplicable, the writer receives through the post in an unstamped letter a diary in which is recorded the events of his life in the year ahead up to September 22nd. This document is in effect a pre-autobiography. As the story unfolds, the writer has to come to terms with the fact that, whatever he does or whoever he meets, the event is recorded in the diary. It becomes more comic but more chilling when he meets three people who have received similar diaries. To give more details of the mysteries that follow would spoil the ending. This play is a satisfying experience. Ben Moor’s calm, controlled delivery laced with humour maintains the tension to a conclusion which will give cause for reflection. ****

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