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Dad's Money - One4Review

Richard Marsh writer and director of this play had a critically acclaimed Greedy Scratchers from last year in his locker and given this and the publicity of the accident that led to one of his two actor dislocating and fracturing his arm just be for the Fringe probably helped with the large audience at the performance I saw. The story is set in the basement of a remote farm house where Tom Napper, JJ Wright, and until recently his jut buried father used to reside. Brother Joe, Martin Miller, appears in the basement and is not a popular visitor. Joe left some years ago leaving Tom to carry the burden of the farm and his ailing father with little or no contact. Why is he back? Could money be the reason? This paly is well written and given the lack of acting space available somehow a reasonable amount of movement takes place. I wasn’t 100% sure where I thought th storyline was leading us, but it certainly had an ending that I had foreseen in any way. The set is well designed full of clutter as one may expect in a cellar and the sound and lighting was spot on. All in all a very interesting play and one well worth checking out. ****

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