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The Chinese State Circus - One4Review

The Chinese State Circus is a beautiful and elegant show which really gives you an insight into eastern culture over the years.  The show is divided into two halves.  The first half leads us through the entertainment offered to the various Chinese dynasties of old whilst the second half brings us bang up to date with more modern-day skills on show. There is no glossy razzamatazz to be found here, rather the performers let their phenomenal abilities do the talking.  There is a wonderful mix of bouncy juggling, eye-watering contortionism and graceful aerial acrobatics.  Throughout the 100 minutes of show time the audience applause never let up.  My personal highlight was the formation Diablo spinning.  Now I had a Diablo when I was younger but I was never able to throw it into the stratosphere, backflip across the floor and then catch it effortlessly.  If I had my time over again . . . Rather fittingly I saw the Chinese State Circus on 08.08.08, the same day as the opening ceremony to the Beijing Olympics.  I hear that the ceremony was spectacular, but then so was the entertainment on offer in this big top. ****

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