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Josie Long - All of the Planet's Wonders - One4Review

Josie Long has recently been enlightened by the Enlightenment.  As a result she wants to share her passion for the acquisition of knowledge with us all.  Learning about backyard museums or cosmic constellations could make for quite a dry 60 minutes in the wrong hands, but Josie exudes a sweet enthusiasm for the subject and communicates it in her own quirky, slightly surreal yet constantly comic way. The laughter gently rolls from the audience throughout the show.  Part of the joy of Josie, I think, is relishing the journey of her thought processes.  Her mind wanders from place to place and she often catches herself to add more and more layers to her musings.  She’s the type of comedian you enjoy simply watching so give her the space to build up to the punchline, which inevitably hits its mark.  Another part of the charm of Josie’s show comes from the obvious effort she puts into the performance, punctuating her observations with colourful charts or childhood collectibles.  She’s a personable comedian with an innate skill at drawing you into her, sometimes bizarre, little world.  Always endearing, always amusing Josie Long is a gem to watch. ****

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