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Frankie Boyle - The Voice of Black America - One4Review

Frankie Boyle – The Voice of Black America
It I still somewhat unusual to have a Scottish stand-up at a major venue in a prime slot, but ‘Glesga’s Own’ Frankie Boyle is waving the Saltire high at Fringe 2006 and treating the packed to the seams Pleasance One to an hour of entertainment as only he can. Frankie is keen to dispel his ‘Proclaimers’ look alike tag aided by him growing a beard and has his usual banter with some of the front row and a few of the more vocal punters further back, before launching into his set of stories and gags, some political, some about sex, some about celebrities and the proceedings are only divided by the somewhat strange spectacle of him wearing a crown delivering loudly his thoughts foe the day. Having previously only seen him in a rather more intimate comedy club I wondered if his act would loose anything in the larger venue, but I need not have worried, ’cause he was just as at home there as the smaller club. Some if you want to see this show, I’d book your ticket now. I’m willing to bet there won’t be many available if you leave it too long.


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