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Topping & Butch - A Lot to Take In - One4Review

Yes it is ‘a lot to take in’, Topping and Butch the virtuoso cream of camp comedic performance have written an all new show.  More Opera, more new musicals, a totally new class of Chav and more sparkle than a body covered in Bling! I have enjoyed seeing this extremely talented couple and never think I get to see them enough, and it just seemed like hysterical moments when they reached the end of their new show in the Pleasance Cabaret Bar.  They have been joined once again by the hostess of Afternoon Tease, Maggie Bourgein, who goes out of her way to show us all just how classy she is. The diversity of the performances these icons never cease to impress me and I adore listening to their superb voices. I do not apologise for in my opinion they are at lest a five star show. Tickets are almost like pink gold dust already so get yours as soon as you can or you’ll be left wondering what I’ve been going on about. Please record another CD and come back to Scotland soon. *****

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