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Toulson and Harvey Used to be Friends. - One4Review

4 stars


After an enforced break of a few years, Toulson and Harvey have reformed to take on Fringe 2010.  Playing upon their separation allows the duo to explore the concept of betrayal, the tie which binds this particular show together.  Surprisingly, it also makes way for a lot of kissing.  Beware the front row, that’s all I’m saying.

The pair work their way through sketches involving a number of partnerships that end in betrayal: Jesus and Judas, Holmes and Watson, a barmaid and her alien boyfriend and two German best friends.  They don’t really employ any elaborate sets or costumes, relying instead on a succession of accents to differentiate characters.  This keeps the show rattling along at a fair old pace.  A particular highlight of the set is the rather disturbing partnership between Harvey and his childhood teddy bear, which gives way to a brilliantly vitriolic piece directed at Justin Lee Collins.  This is accompanied by a standout song so slanderous that any money they make from ticket sales will probably be spent on lawyer’s fees if one of the subjects catches wind of it.

In addition to the material they’ve worked on, they also do a nice line in lapsing away from their script and trying to get the better of each other.  In some ways this adds to the tension that they’re creating between themselves.  In other ways it’s just really funny to watch.  The small hut reverberated with laughter for the full hour and as the show drew to a close turned into thunderous applause.  It’s good to have Toulson and Harvey back.

Reviewed by Di

Venue: Pleasance Courtyard, Pleasance Beside



  1. Julie

    A very good review. I saw this show on one of the preview nights and thoroughly enjoyed it, as did everyone else judging by the laughter. This is a must see show for this years Festival.

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