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Nat Luurtsema – In My Head I’m A Hero - One4Review


2 Stars

Last year Nat Luurtsema received great reviews for her part in sketch show Superclump and this year sees her return to the Fringe with her debut solo show. The show’s title refers to Luurtsema’s nature as a daydreamer, but one who things she would be more than capable in a crisis. There is some good material in this show – and the unexpected appearance of a somewhat unusual video from Nat’s school days provides the biggest laughs of the hour. However, the efforts to link some of the material back to the theme of the show sometimes feel like a bit of a struggle.

There is no doubting that Nat Luurtsema has it in her to be a successful comic, she has a friendly and chatty personality on stage and there were some clever jokes in this hour. Unfortunately, this chattiness also works against her at times; there are several moments in the show which feel more like someone simply recounting episodes from their life, rather than the stand-up show it is intended to be. This coupled with the afternoon slot in a very hot Joker Dome, meant that at times I struggled to maintain my concentration on what was being said. Nat also writes a funny and entertaining blog, and perhaps some of the material in this show would have been better suited to that format.

A debut solo hour must always be a daunting prospect for any comedian, and I have seen several come back to Edinburgh with a much stronger show second time around. I have a feeling we may see the very same thing from Nat Luurtsema, and I’ll certainly be keeping an eye out to see what she comes up with next year.

Reviewed by Sarah

Pleasance Dome – Joker Dome

15:45 – 16:45

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