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Jason Byrne - That's not a Badger! - One4Review

Jason_ByrneIt’s August, It’s Edinburgh. It must be Fringe time. These are almost institutions in life… and rapidly becoming an addition to the list is the comic madness of the inimitable Jason Byrne.

With his non-stop delivery and style this genial Irishman is already wowing packed houses while others of his peers are still playing to lesser houses.

The guy is brilliant, he seems totally at home with all aspects of his show, bantering with the audience, playing silly game for cr*p prizes or just being a raconteur of funny stories.

It does not seem that he is working, it just has the feel of a manic lad and his mates out for a ‘craik’. Jason certainly gives his all in each show, and I’m sure one could see him many times this run and see a different set each time.

It has always been a mystery to me how those esteemed French mineral water judges have overlooked Jason for their award. Come on guys, only one nomination to date, so why not make this his year.

As previously mentioned he is already doing sold-out shows, so please take this reviewers advice, get your ticket now.. if you leave it to later you will probably be disappointed.


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