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Mark Watson:.... - One4Review

It’s hard not to warm to Mark Watson immediately.   He’s like a wide-eyed, gleeful child . . .  with added swearing.  He mocks his confidence but it seems to have grown over the past few years and his stage persona is chirpy and cheerful.  Before his act is even underway he’s skipping about the audience having a wee chat hither and thither.  His attempt at trying to make the cavernous venue seem a bit more intimate. And it is a big gig.  Doubtlessly many people have seen his numerous mute appearances on ‘Mock the Week’ and have decided to turn up to see exactly what he’s like when given a chance to speak.  The act itself revolves around a recent bout of stress he suffered and his doctor’s subsequent advice: 1.   Be nice to others.  A hard task when you have a strong dislike of loud and/or stupid people – of which there are many to be found. 2.   Understand your failings.  He’ll probably have some help in this respect from numerous critics willing to point them out for him. 3.   Leave all the thoughts you’ve ever had in the past.  They’re no good to you now.  Unless, of course, you have a comedy show to put together.     Sounds like good advice, and it’s allowed Watson a hook on which to hang his comedic ramblings so well done doc. It’s a good show and laughter rang around the room.  However, there were also moments where Watson would pause to discuss with the audience how the gig was going.  This felt a bit awkward and there’s always the risk that if the gig isn’t going well then pointing this out to the audience is not going to help matters.  However, I’m sure Watson won’t have that problem as this is a solid show and one which will no doubt have a successful run this Fringe. ****

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