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Vladimir McTavish: Scotsman’s Guide to Betting - One4Review

4 Star ****

Vladimir McTavish is an institution on the Scottish Comedy scene. And quite rightly so. He is an articulate, well researched and written comedian who has a very pleasing delivery style and always an interesting take on things.

This years story comes about because one of his friends lost £7,000 at last years’ Fringe, non gambler Vlad decides to see if he can make this sum starting with a small stake prior to this years version.

With a show that is funny, interesting and absorbingly clever he regales the crowd of his saga in the pursuit of this target.

This takes us literally around the world and each stop gives McTavish the opportunity in include a whole raft of material that is not necessarily gambling related.

You don’t need to be a gambler to enjoy this show. You don’t need to be Scottish. You do however need to be prepared to enjoy listening to an excellent hour of clever and funny material from a master of his craft.

Reviewed by Geoff

Stand IV V 12

5 to 28 August

19:05 to 20:05

Fringe Brochure P163

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