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Squatting - One4Review

What do you buy if you ever come into a lot of cash?  A holiday for your girlfriend, your best mate and caviar for the cats! No, just a good quality large cigar! That is the dream of Alexander Perkins, but his best friend and flat mate Richard Mann has paid no rent for years, its his girlfriends birthday and the cats are eating you out of flat and home. To top it all David Bowie, the landlord, wants you out so he can develop the block.  You have ostensively been ‘squatting for 11 years 11 months and 4 weeks, and squatters rites kick in 12 years. i.e. 12 year squat = ownership of premises or so Mann believes. One heck of a run of bad luck starts, the cats die or disappear one by one, you can’t go out incase Bowie gets in, a tornado all but destroys your property and to cap it all you’re flat mate moves out! Some plot for a comedy show but it works. Devised written produced directed and performed by Perki & Mann. If this offering is the basis of things to come these young comedians will soon develop a cult following, well deserved if I may say so. ****

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