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About The Scots - One4Review

I have been aware of Bruce Fummey for a number of years now, have even seen him out with the Fringe a couple of times but this is the first time I have seen him in August, as it is usually another of our team who covers his show. As the self-styled number one of the Afro Celtic comedian, former school teacher Fummey’s shows are always both educational and funny, especially if there is a little inherent Scottish blood coursing through your veins. Previous shows have been about Tam O’Shanter, The Jacobites and Robert the Bruce, but this year he has a wider remit, the whole nation and it’s history in fact. They show I attended saw Fummey with a mixed audience, predominantly Scots but also with Indians, of course the old enemy and even a few  Americans all there to be entertained, and of course to maybe learn as well. Bruce is an imposing figure and has the ability to dominate the room and riff with the audience when the opportunity arose but still ensured that there was time to deliver the content of his show. With his relaxed style, and wicked sense of humour, Fummey looked at the potted history of Scotland together with a number of anecdotes of ‘Scottishness’ travels abroad, and yes there are put downs about the English, but even more gags about the Scots too. Foe a different way to spend an hour, to maybe learn a thing or two and have a right old laugh then why not head for the Beehive Inn.   ****

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