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Set List: Stand Up without a Net - One4Review

4 Stars ****

Ever wondered when you watched a Stand up show how much rehearsal, re-writing and hours of work have gone into preparing it? I know I have. But this is something different.

A series of top comics literally get handed a totally obscure set list from the MC as they hit the stage. They then have 15 seconds to gather their thoughts and they are off. Oh, and to make matters worse the audience also write suggestions for each to comic to use from a pick box, as is often done in impro comedy shows.

The night I attended it was pretty full for such a late, well for me anyway, start and I don’t think anyone could have complained that they had been short changed with such names as Rick Overton, John Robbins, Andy Zaltzman David Mills and a welcome sight Brendan Burns strutting their stuff.

It cannot be an easy task for even masters like this to cope with but by God they gave it an attempt. The line-up changes nightly, with some big names scheduled to appead so why not check it out?

n.b. The venue for this show has changed from the one advertised in the Fringe brochure, it now resides in Just the Tonic Caves, not The Tron as advertised

Reviewed by Geoff

Just the Tonic Caves V 88

Until 28 August

23:40 to 00:40

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