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Murder for Profit and Pleasure - One4Review

  Murder for Profit and Pleasure sounds like a dark comic show, but the blurb states "Jane Hill is a nice woman" and it’s right. She starts with gentle self-deprecating audience interaction, covering well the risks of making assumptions and asking the wrong question. She discusses this niceness, and assures us that she has a darker side, that emerges in both her comedy, and writing murder novels – six victims so far, plenty more in the next book. Her dark side also allows her to explore past relationships, the nature of comedy (it’s not all 100% true!), trying to write girlie chick lit, and the pros and cons of sharing a name with a television presenter. There was comedy throughout, although comparatively little that was dark, except when it came to babies, and why she wouldn’t make a good mother. It would have been interesting to know more about the murder writer’s life – what inspires her plots? What’s it like spending every day embroiled in a gritty whodunnit? Does she know at the start who did the killing, or does she, like Miss Marple, only find out along the way? The title implies this show is a window on the world of a crime writer, and although there could be more of the murder side, perhaps that is what it’s like. Maybe you can’t spend all day everyday writing thousands of words, without needing the light relief of entertaining a laughing audience. Jane certainly managed that today.   ***  

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