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Ashley Hames: Confessions of a Sex Reporter - One4Review

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3 stars

I have never seen Sin City, a programme broadcast on satellite TV.  I never watched Live TV channel, home of the News Bunny and Topless Darts so was less than prepared for the excesses that are broadcast on such channels.

I had not head of journalist Ashley Hames either, but as he was the investigative reporter on Sin City I suppose it was of no surprise in that.

Hames stated from the off that he was no stand-up, and that as a reporter whose very career was under threat due to a ofcom letter upholding a complaint over one of his programmes, he had decided to ask his Edinburgh audience to judge whether he was guilty or not.

Now I feel I am fairly broad minded, however I can only sit in wonder as to what some people need for their sexual gratification, or the lengths some reporters will go to to make TV.

I will not go into some of the footage he shows as it may offend some, it certainly pushed my limits at times, but does he deserve being hounded out of the business because of it. I don’t think so. Surely if anyone takes offence at programmes like this then there is on Off button on the remote. If you take offence at a live show like this then take the option to leave as some did.

However in today’s environment of choice then if there is a market for it so be it.


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