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Pappy's Fun Club Funergy  - One4Review

I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a show as downright joyful as Pappy’s Fun Club.  The performers were smiley, the audience were happy and I had a big ol’ grin plastered to my face for the whole 60 minutes I was in attendance.  There’s a real bounce and verve to this show that’s hard to find on the Fringe. As for the show itself?  Well there’s a loose thread of environmentalism in which Pappy orders his club to turn fun into energy – Funergy.   This allows a series of rapid fire skits to be performed in which the 4 members of the club – Matthew, Ben, Brendan and Tom – set about trying to solve global warming.  A cast of quirky characters come and go and this provides a stream of continuity throughout the show.  What makes the show special is that the performers seem to be having as much fun as the audience, at points endeavouring to make each other crack up on stage by going delightfully off script. The show is so effective that at times the dialogue is simply drowned out by the gales of laughter coming from the audience.  I savoured every single moment that I spent in the fun club and the face ache I experienced for an hour afterwards was well worth it.  An absolute must see. *****

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