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Adams & Rea - One4Review

Sarah Adams and Leisa Rea are both Fringe regulars although I believe this is the first time the duo have had their own show. Both extremely talented ladies they play at least seven or eight instruments between themselves. We may have been packed into a tiny sweatbox but they managed to keep their cool. With subjects ranging from library books, commuters, budget hotels, animal hospital, protest numbers and many more. One of my particular favourites is the ‘Litter Rap’ they took into schools to encourage the kids to recycle! These ladies demonstrate their superior talents in playing musical instruments, song writing, singing, comedy and improvisation. The word is getting out there and ticket sales increasing so don’t miss out plus if you can get a CD but they are running out fast. Talent oozes from every pore, their marvelous dextrous digits produce delightful ditties but beware nonsense may also arise. Beware the pubic hairs on the G-strings. ****          Sarah Adams Funny Women Award in 2003 / 2004 as Jade the Folk Singer. Leisa Rea part of the Yarnbards 2007.

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