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Andrew Maxwell 5 Nights Only - One4Review


5 Stars

Fringe institution Andrew Maxwell is only doing a short run at Fringe 2010 but this genial Irishman is as popular as ever judging by the packed at Rainey Hall for the first of his shows, even at a start time of 11-30pm

Although suffering the after effects of a dodgy burger, Maxwell is soon into his set at the very top of his game.

Initially bantering with the audience on local and nationality topics, and getting plenty of feedback, Maxwell as is his wont talks about many subjects always putting the funny into whatever he delivers. His skill as a raconteur is immense and his observational humour and the colourful way he describes situations really puts a clear image in ones mind.

He talks at length, and with much hilarity, about taking his son to a football match, a ‘killer’ killer whale, Pope’s visit to Glasgow, Irish bars in New York and a visit to an adult party following a TV panel programme he was on amongst other stuff.

Although scheduled for an hour, Maxwell was on stage for nearly an hour and a half. He said he was enjoying the audience and by God the audience was enjoying him and his set.

Hopefully he will return for a full Fringe in 2011. Please put me down for a ticket now.


Reviewed by Geoff

Assembly Hall Rainy Hall V23

17 to 21 August

23-30 to 00-30 (allegedly)

Fringe Brochure P 27

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