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Tiffany Stevenson – Uncomfortably Numb - One4Review


5 Star

I was first persuaded to see Tiffany Stevenson a few years ago, a recommendation I have been very thankful for and have made a point of catching her shows ever since.

Last year she reached the final of TV’s ‘Show me the Funny’ and I’m sure that will have raised her profile somewhat so I was keen to see where her offering was going to take us this time.

She is young woman in her early 30’s who whilst visiting a dermatologist and got some rather unflattering advice. Tiffany deliberated on the plusses and minuses of getting older as a woman, where she was more confident and where she was less for example. She illustrated her hour with a delightfully funny selection of anecdotes from her younger days together with well written and delivered ones as herself today.

Although I have certainly enjoyed her previous years shows I have to say this is by far her strongest set I have seen her perform. I feel the structure is more robust, the material sharper and she has definitely come of age as a comic.

You certainly don’t need to be a lady of a certain vintage to enjoy her show, it was a very mixed age and gender crowd at the performance I saw and they all had a great time and were certainly neither uncomfortable nor numb.

Reviewed by Geoff

Underbelly Belly Laugh

2-16 August

19-50 to 20-50

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