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Stephen Grant – Taken For Granted - One4Review

I must admit the name Stephen Grant was new to me, I assumed this was his first Edinburgh, but not for the first time this Fringe I was wrong. Not that it matters because what we got was a very professional show from an excellent young comedian. The start was something else, I’ve heard of audience interaction with the front row, but by computer!! Superb I thought we are in for an interesting show. And I was not wrong. Grant transported the audience through a myriad of subjects ranging from Brighton, his home town, name badges, pedophiles, urban myths, his penchant for inventions and patenting them and finishing up with a real hard luck story when he went for the job as a Top Gear presenter. Throughout the hour he commanded his space, not by menace as some comedians do, but with his personality. Grant has presence, and even if he was unsuccessful in the Top Gear job, I can see he making it on television in the near future… and if all else fails I’m sure he’ll invent something to make his name that way instead. ****

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