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Dave Gorman’s PowerPoint Presentation - One4Review

5 Stars  *****

Dave Gorman has always been a distinctive comedian, be it on TV, on the radio or even on stage. I first saw this guy way back in the mists of time probably around the turn of the century in his breakthrough show ‘Are You Dave Gorman?’ where he undertook a quest to find his namesakes.

Since then I have seen him a few times and always found him entertaining, funny and he definitely has struck a format that works both in the media and live on stage.

Such is his popularity that his tickets sell out very quickly wherever he performs and his sojourn inEdinburghthis year is a part of a national tour.

As the title implies there is a lot of PowerPoint involved in this production, but the clever construction together with his engaging personality and presence definitely do not make this a boring show, anything but. I have seldom heard the massive George Square Theatre echoing to so much laughter during any hour.

Gorman’s subjects cover a wide variety of topics covering his perceived ethnicity, his Twitter adventures, his love of the internet and asparagus.

All too soon the hour was over, here’s to the next one Mr Gorman.

Reviewed by Geoff

Assembly George Square Theatre V 3

3 to 28 August

19:40 to 20:40

Fringe Brochure P 64

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