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Katherine Ryan – Nature’s Candy - One4Review


4 Star

Katherine Ryan is a Canadian national, but has been living in the UK for a while now and has definitely assimilated into the local way of life being a divorced single mum in her twenties. This is how she opens her set, self-deprecating and so unlike her near native neighbours those from the USA.

I have seen Ms Ryan a number of times during the last few years and am pleased to see her progress.

She is in charge make no mistake about that, but not in a menacing way. She has a wide variety of material at her disposal and a wide ranging subject material throughout.

Books, bears, Britney, a TV pitch, Uncles, teaching her daughter about strangers and even being an agony aunt, is there no end to this ladies potential?

The show is full of pace and energy, she is not afraid to interact withy the audience but in essence the material is the strength and there is plenty of depth in her show.

Some may doubt the ability of female comics. Certainly not us here at one4review. As long as the likes of Katherine are around to entertain we are in sound hands.

Reviewed by Geoff

Gilded Balloon Third Door

15-15 to 16-15

1-26 August (not 13)


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