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Andrew O'Neill: Occult Comedian - One4Review

Andrew O’Neill is a complex character – after all how many occultist, cross-dressing, heavy metal fan comedians do you know? Taking to the stage with his flowing locks, in a skirt and wearing lipstick, O’Neill launches into his show and immediately addresses the title of the show and his interest in the occult and satanism. It’s a good 15 minutes in before he makes any mention of his transvestitism and the laughs come thick and fast when discussing how a heterosexual man deals with abuse when dressed in ladies clothes. This show certainly doesn’t have the same material as many stand up shows, and the fact that O’Neill can find humour in such subjects is testament the talent of this up and coming comedian. Poems and songs intersect the anecdotes of living the life of a transvestite metaller, and a few gags (one in particular involving climate change deniers) run through out the show, mean there is never a dull moment. Andrew O’Neill and his material won’t be to everyone’s taste but for the right audience he is definitely a hit.  ***                                  

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