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Jeff Green:  Personal - One4Review

Jeff Green:  Personal
Jeff Green seems to have been around for ages and has always turned in an excellent performance each time I have seen him. This years offering Personal, this amiable comic treats the audience to extracts of his earlier life with some of his notable experiences, including his first Fringe venture sharing a bill with Lee Evans and a flat with Eddie Izzard (What ever happened to them!) A recent dad, Jeff relates some of the new experiences this event has led him to undergo, together with some of his more intimate experiences such as loosing his virginity and his time working on a fairground. Whatever the subject of the material, he has the knack of delivering it in an intimate manner, almost as if he was chatting into you in the bar. Like the true professional he is Jeff always gives good value for money, and generates a lot of repeat visits. If you have seen him before you’ll already know this, if you haven’t well now is your chance. ****

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