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Jason John Whitehead - The Joker - One4Review

It has been ten years since the man who his Jason John Whitehead first hit the comedy scene and the basis of his show this year is a brief synopsis of his life and the changes there in. He is a laid back Canadian born dude who although trained to work in the leisure industry specifically in South Carolina with dolphins really dreamed of being a comedian and as such is living the dream. JJW has changed a little in his outlook, previously ensuing possessions and is the proud owner of a car and a television set, previously despised, and is a keen watcher of certain programmes, but hates others especially hospital dramas. He shares a little of his life experiences and casts serious doubts on the perceived intelligence of dolphins, a little of his early life with his brother and ‘Irish’ father and his past efforts to earn more money by drinking to excess and his new more expensive addiction. His laconic style really passes the time and before anyone really relalised it the hour was done and I’m sure nearly all would have happily stayed for much, much more. ****

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