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Chris Cox - Control Freak  - One4Review

Chris Cox is officially endorsed by Keith Chegwin.  And if you can’t trust Cheggers then who can you trust?  Cox is back to read our minds without actually reading them.  Rather he is in control of our actions and reactions, which he is going to prove with a variety of audience inclusive tricks. If you’ve seen Chris Cox then you’ll probably know what type of performance to expect, which is where the problems begin.  I saw Cox last year and was pretty impressed.  However, after attending his show this year I was left wondering what was vastly different to last year.  It was the same type of stunts with the same type of outcome.  Envelopes revealing things he couldn’t possibly have known.  Items chosen at random which had already been foretold.  It was impressive the first time round but this year I couldn’t shake the feeling that it was all a bit ‘samey’. That said it was still an entertaining show, although Cox is probably a better mind-reader-that-doesn’t-read-minds than he is comedian.  The laughs didn’t particularly gush forth, although the wonderment for his craft did.  If you haven’t seen Cox before then I do recommend an attendance but if you’ve already witnessed his ability then there’s really very little progression from before. ***

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