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Nick Doody - Tour of Doody - One4Review

Although I was aware of Mr Doody for a while this was the first time I had managed to see his show and joined a whole crowd of people for a glimpse of this Yorkshire born comedian. Starting with an AV of various scenes, not pleasant especially the recurring image of Keith Harris and  Cuddles the monkey herald the arrival of  Doody. His set of material is mainly from the news and a lot about Islam, especially the bear naming incident in the Sudan. He even claims to have bought the original bear off e-bay and it is sitting on his set. He has a slant on how this naming came about, relating it to British kids and supply teachers which most could identify with and a host of other opinions about fundamentalists and political correctness. His observational stuff about Yorkshire place names skiing, Brits Abroad and chanting for me were more enjoyable, and as for his negative granny, this was really funny. The old adage of always finish on a song was also brought out which saw a rather different version of Teddy Bear’s Picnic bring things to a conclusion. Doody was good, certainly someone I would enjoy seeing again and I don’t think I was alone in this opinion. ***

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