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The Art of Dating and Dumping - One4Review

The very title will attract an audience through sheer curiosity, and they will be well rewarded with this fast paced show full of wry humour about the battle of the sexes. The scenario is that we are at an imaginary workshop session. There is the female instructor, with clipboard in hand, who has engaged two jobbing actors to play the male/female roles to illustrate the dos and don’ts, and indeed the simply bizarre. The three performers worked their way through the dating process leading up to the ultimate male objective – the seduction of the female. After seduction and once in a longer term relationship, jealousy and boredom can spoil the relationship. The best dumping techniques require quick wits. Perhaps we didn’t learn anything original but the many sketch routines were very funny. It seemed to me that groups of females in the audience had the biggest outbreaks of laughter, whilst the males squirmed a little as they laughed. Apparently, some of the sketches had triggered of a memory or two. ****

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