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Markus Birdman:- Sympathy for the Devil  - One4Review

Despite of having a father and an uncle who are both vicars, Mr Birdman is a totally committed atheist, hence the title of his show this year. Well, he doesn’t exactly have sympathy for the devil, more that he is totally against religion. Following his initial getting to know you session with the audience, he is launches into the set talking about the subject and giving examples of  unsuitable story lines that are drilled into kids at Sunday school, and have been for years. Birdman has a stage presence that is not created by ranting, prowling or ridiculing his audience, he is just watchable and that makes his opinions probably acceptable to one and all no matter one’s stance on the religious question. As a busy travelling comedian Markus has some interesting material on some of these journeys and his story of his trip to Dubai just has to be heard. He is a family man and another story relating to a visit to a zoo with his daughter is another cracker. This is the first time I have seen his full show and if this is the normal standard then count me in for future visits. ****

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