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Jake Yapp Presents Hallo, Music Lovers!  - One4Review

Jake Yapp has penned a bundle of humorous comedy songs justifiably debunking a number of celebrities including Lily Allen, Amy Winehouse and Andrew Lloyd Webber. He performs the songs impersonating the singing style of the individual. Prior to each song, he does linking stand up segments. His take on Lloyd Webber’s style of music and involvement in the Eurovision Song Contest for me was the pick of this part of his act. Another highlight was his silent impression of the lead guitarist who has a minimal part to perform during the recording of Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s ‘Murder on the Dance Floor’. He finishes with a song as himself in which he parodies other comedians who are into complex subjects whilst he keeps it simple and basic, emphasised by accompanying himself on the ukulele.   He encourages a bit of banter with the audience and this is when he works well with the speed of his responses. An enjoyable routine but he had to work hard with a rather subdued audience. Perhaps the lighting made it difficult to make good eye contact.   ***  

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