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The Friends of Jack Kairo - One4Review

The Friends of Jack Kairo
The set is simple a chair and a desk, on top of the desk a case.  Jack Kairo enters and we begin to learn about this private dick, is that his job or the state of his head?  In the best film noir traditions Jack introduces us to all his friends and as one of them is a murderer I’d advise him to change them.  In seeking a solution to the murder of a wealthy industrialist he mixes with the lowest of the low, the highest of the high and shadows from his past. He strives to stay one step a head of the murderer, he could be the next victim (I hope!), in this conspiracy that may involve weapons of mass destruction then again may not. Beware of the most dangerous character of all, except jack himself that is, the nightclub singer he will attack any female audience member or occasionally long haired males. Written and performed superbly by Simon Toal this is high on my should see if you possibly can list. Using a quote from his publicity sheet "if you don’t go and see this show you will regret it, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon…" And in similar words to the dreaded dick Dastardly  "I’ll get you Jack Kairo…….". ****

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