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Ed Byrne:  Different Class  - One4Review

Home where he belongs on stage at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival it is great to see Ed Byrne back again. Laughing at the observation that more people will see his show in Edinburgh than during a long tour Ed’s show this year has two main topics, class and things you wish you had said at a specific time but only thought of later. On occasion much, much later!!  He touches briefly on his engagement, his recent wedding and his wife’s wicked sense of humour. It is never a chore to go and see Ed, as the description of my dream man is tall and skinny with long hair, so I’m all set visually. The fact that he is a superb comedian is a bonus. Actually all I want to say is he is gorgeous and very, very funny get a ticket if you can and go and see him. *****
Ed Byrne – Different Class – Assembly @ Assembly Hall Friday 1st August 2008 Excellent venue!    Ed started the show in his usual quick fire manner.  Got the crowd onside with a joke about Preview Tickets and the recent problem with Ticket Sales. Throughout the show Ed made reference to his recent marriage and all the shenanigans involved in the run up to THE BIG DAY.  Obviously the audience were well able to relate to these jokes and hence were in good fettle.  Once into his stride Ed got right into his routine, he had outlined at the start of the show that he may get a bit tongue tied at times but just to bear with him as all the material was new.  This was certainly not noticeable at all throughout the show.  All in all plenty of laughs throughout the show and would definitely recommend Ed’s show to anyone with an hour to spare.   Roy & Pauline 

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