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Jim Jeffries –Fully Functional - One4Review

4 Star


Aussie comic Jim Jeffries has been around for a while doing comedy his way! I remember first seeing him was in one of the Pleasance shipping containers quite a few years ago and his career has blossomed to the extent that he is now selling out one of the largest spaces available to Edinburgh Fringe.

Now I think even Jeffries would agree he is not to everyone’s taste. He is dark, he is loud, he can be very offensive and he uses the ‘C bomb’ more that any other probably, but what you can’t ever say about the man is that he is not open. It is what he does and if you like him, and many do, then he’s your man, if not then stay away.

He now sits through some of his hour plus. He no longer swills lager throughout, but the old Jeffries is still there, boy is he there!

He tells stories, not always nice, but always funny, yet is such an enthralling narrator you could here a pin drop, that is until some idiot tried to make a name for himself, not once but for a second time. On Boy did he get it!! No one should try to mess with JJ. He shredded him big style.

The show slightly over ran due to this but everyone stayed. Who would want to miss a second of the night or a phrase of the final story?

Reviewed by Geoff

Assembly Hall

Until 26 August

21-00 to 22-00

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