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Comedy Bitch - One4Review

4 stars

In a Fringe that is awash with sketch comedy performers it is often difficult to pick what to watch and what not to.

Judging by the sell-out show I attended it seemed that I had made a good choice even before the intrepid sextet of Ben Kewin, Hannah Gittos, Johathan Broke, Louise Howells, Tom Cottle and Sophie Wright even hit the stage.

My opinion was reinforced once they did however as the show was pacey, funny and different with the excess of over a dozen sketches. Being sketch comedy some always work better than others but when the vast majority do work well, then it is easy to see how the hour just evaporated before I was aware I had been sitting there that long.

The show is well written, acted and directed by the company and I feel this has the potential to turn into a cult show. Get you tickets now for a show which is good value for money, entertaining as almost certainly if you leave it too long will be a total sell-out and you’d be the one to miss out.

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